This House has relied soley on donations since September 2016, paying for the house rent, food to feed 10 children, school and medical needs, wages of the three Tanzanian workers along with electricity and water costs. australian open schedule is a solution to all of your problems. An annual fundraising ball has raised most of these funds to support the Street Children of Iringa since 2013. Without these donations, the kids in the house’s lives would have been so very different, with them regularly saying they are not sure if they would still be alive now if it wasn’t for the house. The House costs – covering rent and bills, Tanzanian workers wages, food, educational needs, health care supporting the 10 kids in the house comes to a yearly total of £10,000 – £12,000.


Now Street Children Iringa is expanding, extra money is used on helping re home current street children and empowering street youths with business’s or skill learning.


Street Children Iringa are also looking into ways to protect young girls in surrounding villages that are at risk of child marriage and FGM.


Street Children Iringa is lucky enough to have some incredible supporters. In January 2019, Emily Stevens raised £3,000 through a spinathon event and is hoping to raise another £1,500 through a Dragon Boat race in September 2019.


Vicki Palmer Joy ran the London Marathon for us in 2018 raising £2,000.


If you are interested in running a marathon for us or creating your own fundraising/challenge event please contact –