This past year Street Children Iringa have been focused on starting a new project. This project aims to re-home current street children in Iringa with relatives where possible, and support them from there. Last October Letty found Samsung in a dump searching for plastic and metal to sell in order to get money to feed his mum and younger brother. After speaking with his mother, who is unable to work due to illness, Street Children Iringa decided to support Samsung and his family with basic monthly food, so that he can focus on his studies rather than be on the streets searching for money. Street Children Iringa will also help Samsung’s family by setting his mother up with a business that can create a sustainable income for their family, allowing her to provide for her two children.


On February 3rd 2019, Letty was visiting some of the older Street Youths that previously lived at the orphanage, when she came across Fred cowered over in the dump, sitting silently. He had not eaten for days and had come from a village over 6 hours away. The idea at first was to re – home Fred but after carrying out a home visit with the workers from the social welfare office, due to many reasons home is not currently a safe place for Fred. Instead he is being welcomed into our family at the house, making Fred, who is 11 years old, the 10th and youngest member of our family. The left picture is Fred the day he was found by Letty and the others when he had settled into the house and enrolled at the local school.




We rescured Eliah in one of our night visits …. Eliah (left) with Fred teaching him how to make pancakes.