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The house was set up in September 2016 and is home now to 10 previous street children. It is rented yearly at a cost of £2,500. Our CEO has been running this house since 2016, being predominately based in Tanzania. Letty McMaster is the legal guardian of all the children in the house and raises them herself. In September 2016 Letty was given permission to be the legal guardian of the 9 children left at the orphanage who were then between the ages of 12 – 16, now they are between the ages of 15 and 19. In February 2019 Street Children Iringa welcomed our latest member who Letty found on the streets – Fred aged 11.


The latest picture taken in 2019 of all 11 of the children and young adults that call this house home.




Faustina’s role at the house is to cook lunch and dinner for the children during the week. However she is so much more than the cook and is a huge part of our family, and has been with us since the house was first opened. The kids adore her and when Letty travels back to England for short periods, Faustina lives at the house with the children and supervises everything.




Neema joined our family in August 2018 as the house was in need of a day time guard and cleaner. Neema, again, is much more than her title role and is a big part of our family. The house is constantly full of laughter and joy which is what these children were previously missing in their lives. Placeholder text placeholder text Placeholder text placeholder text