Letty McMaster

Our CEO & Founder

At the age of 18 Letty first went out to Tanzania.
Here she came across an orphanage where the children were
being physically and mentally abused by the workers.


Over the next three years she spent most of her time looking after
these children, whilst raising funds to support their medical and educational needs.

In 2016 this orphanage was closed down by the local council.


After many months and procedures,
the social welfare office gave Letty permission to open a home
for the 9 children that were left homeless, and registered her as their legal guardian.
This led to Letty founding Street Children Iringa as a UK registered charity in February 2017.


In 2015 Letty founded and registered an NGO in Tanzania
for all of Street Children Iringa’s activities to run under and to be the partner of the UK Charity.


Over the past 9 years she has been mainly based in Tanzania, raising the children in the home,
operating the safe house and all other projects in Iringa.


In December 2020 Letty & Street Children Iringa received a ‘Point of Light’ award from the Prime Minister, please see link below.

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