The Home

The home was set up in September 2016 and is the home to 14 previous street children and young adults.


All the children and young adults in this home have lived most of their lives between the streets and an abusive orphanage. Letty spent three years supporting these children at this orphanage, until 2016 when it was closed down by the local government.


After many months and procedures, the social welfare office gave Letty permission to open a home for the 9 children that were left homeless, and registered her as their legal guardian. These children have succeeded so much since having a loving stable place to call home and Letty, their legal guardian, has raised them in this house since 2016.

In September 2021 we celebrated five years of having a home. Since 2016 this house has been a long term home for 14 children and supported another 18 children and young adults for shorter periods of time! This house has provided these children with a place to call home and a family. Please go to the “Meet The Kids” page to find out more about each of their journeys so far.




Faustina’s is the Supervisor and the Cook at the house. However she is so much more than the cook and the superviser, she is a vital part of our family, and has been with us since the house was first opened. The kids adore her and when Letty travels back to England for short periods, Faustina stays at the house with the children and supervises everything.

Neema joined our family in August 2018 as the house was in need of a day time guard and cleaner. Neema is our day guard/cleaner and assistant supervisor. Neema, again, is much more than her title role and is a big part of our family. The house is constantly full of laughter and joy which is what these children were previously missing in their lives.


P & B



In May we found P* aged 9 on the streets.

After working alongside the police child protection department and social welfare to trace his relatives, it was deemed unsafe for him to be reunited with them.

P* was welcomed into the home and has been so happy ever since.


We are so happy to welcome P* into our family and we can’t wait to see how he thrives living in a safe, loving environment.

In December we received a call from the social welfare office asking us to take in a 9 year old boy who was left in hospital after his mum had passed away.


After locating his relatives social welfare decided it was not safe for him to be with them and asked us to welcome him into the home. B* was welcomed into the home as our youngest members of the family.

P* & B* have settled in very well and are now in school in year there where they love learning and studying together.

Eliah first joined the family in June 2019. We supported him through three years of primary school education and he is now in his second year of secondary boarding  school. He is doing well at this school and hopes to one day become a Doctor.

Fred was found on the streets in February 2019. We supported him through three years of primary school and he is now has a personal football training coach teaching him football every day.

Fred’s dream is to become a football player and over the last year we have managed to get him a place at the top football academy in Tanzania. He is currently too young to join and live there full time so we are waiting for when he is 17 he can train full time at this academy.






Simoni has been with us since the very beginning. Our founder first met Simoni at the abusive orphanage in 2013. He has lived in the house with us since 2016 where he has been supported in primary school and the beginning of secondary school education. Unfortunately secondary school education was not right for Simoni and instead he is learning to become an electrician whilst living in the house.

Pascal joined the family in 2019 and is now a main part our home. He is one of the best role models for the younger children and helps out around the house. He currently volunteers for our partner Tanzanian NGO helping at the Safe House and carrying out street visits to identify new street children.

We hope Pascal can become a worker for our Tanzania partner NGO in the future.

Gosberth is the genuis of the family. After finishing studying at the local government school in 2016 his results were so amazing he was chosen to go to one of the top english speaking secondary schools. Four years later, he is now in his final GCSE year and has the top results of the year of 158 students. He has made history at the school as no one coming from a government Swahili speaking primary school has ever done this well. He is now fluent in English and is determined to be a huge success.



Eva is the first from the home to go to university. She is currently studying a diploma in Business Administration. She was recently chosen as prefect of her year and is regularly asked by UNICEF and Restless Development to speak on behalf of girls empowerment at local events.

Lidia is twins with Eva and from 2020 – 2021 she volunteered at a local private nursery school. She gained a lot of experience here looking after the baby class and up to 4 year olds. In October 2021 she started her university course studying psychology counselling, where she hopes to learn more in order for her to become a social worker or teacher.



Iddy has been on the streets since he was 5, and has been supported by us since he was 11 years old. We supported him through his primary education whilst living at the house.

He moved into the home in 2016 along with the other children and young adults from the orphanage. Here we supported him with his  education, boxing and musical courses in order for to pursue his passions.  In 2021 after turning 19 he moved on from the home.

Street Children Iringa have supported Pishon through his primary education whilst living at the house. He is now in his second year of private secondary school where he is learning good english, has very good grades and plans to become a Teacher.

He is also a keen musician and has recorded three songs that are now played on the radios.




Baraka has now finished his secondary education and with the support of Street Children Iringa will be enrolling in a years tourism course where he can learn the skills needed to work in the national park. He will then be able to move out of the house and start his life.

Flygod finished his secondary education along with Baraka. Street Children Iringa will now support him in chef course and hopefully support him in setting up a micro enterprise business that will allow him to be independent and start his adult life.

Razarlo finished secondary school. After this he is studying a driving course, allowing him to have a skill to fall back on and gain an income. He is now also studying a year’s tourism course at the local national park where he hopes to gain a job as a safari tour driver. He will then start his life independently.

So far